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1. <div><p>НасоновЕ.Л. Антималяриииые (амииохниолииовые) препараты: новые фармакологические свойства и перспективы клинического применения. Клииич фармакол. и тер., 1998, 3, 65-68.</p><p>Arden G.B. Kolb Н, Antimalarial therapy and early retinal changes ill patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Br. Med. J., 1966. I. 270-273.</p><p>Aylward J.M, Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine: assessing the risk of the toxi-city. J. Am. Ophtlalmol, Assoc., 1993, 64, 787-797.</p><p>Bartholomew L.E., DufT I.F.Amopyroquine (Propoquin) in rheumatoid arthritis. Arthr. Rheum., 1963, 6, 356-3634.</p><p>Berliner R.W., Earle D., Taggcrt J. et al. Studies on the chemotherapy of human malarias. VI The physiological deposition, antimalarial activity and toxicity of several derivatives of 4-aminoquinolines. J. Clin. Invest., 1948, 27 (suppl.), 60.</p><p>BernstcinH.N., Ginsberg.[.The pathology of chloroquine retinopathy. Arch. Ophtalmol., 1964, 71, 238.</p><p>Bienfang D., Coblyn J.S., Liang M.H., Corzillius M. 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Mouraviev Yu.V., Turgieva E.P. THERAPY BY ANTIMALARIA (AMINOOUINOLINE) DRUGS AND OF OCULAR SAFETY. Rheumatology Science and Practice. 2002;40(2):3. (In Russ.)

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