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Ренелат стронция в лечении остеопороза

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1. <div><p>Meunier PJ, Reginster JY. Design and methodology of the phase 3 trials for the clinical development of strontium ranelate in the treatm ent of women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Osteoporos. Int., 2003,14(suppl 3), 66-76.</p><p>Reginster J.Y., Deroisy R., Jupsin I. Strontium ranelate: a new paradigm in the treatm ent of osteoporosis. Drugs Today (Bare), 2003,39,2,89-101.</p><p>Reginster J.Y., Deroisy R., Dougados M. et al. Prevention of early postmenopausal bone loss by strontium ranelate: the random ized, tw o-year, double-m asked, dose-ranging,placebo-controlled PREVOS trial. Osteoporos. Int., 2002,13,2,925-931.</p><p>Delannoy P., Bazot D., Marie P.J. Long-term treatm ent with strontium ranelate increases vertebral bone mass without deleterious effect in mice. Metabolism, 2002,51,7,906-911.</p><p>Buehler J., Chappuis P., Saffar J.L. et al. Strontium ranelate inhibits bone resorption while maintaining bone formation in alveolar bone in monkeys (M acaca fascicularis).Bone, 2001,29,2,176-179.</p><p>Dahl S.G., Allain P., Marie P.J. et al. Incorporation and distribution of strontium in bone. Bone, 2001,28,4,446-453.</p><p>Coulombe J., Faure H., Robin B., Ruat M. In vitro effects of strontium ranelate on the extracellular calcium-sensing receptor. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm un, 2004,29,323,4,1184-1190.</p><p>Hott М., Deloffre P., Tsouderos Y., Marie P.J. S 12911-2 reduces bone loss induced by short-term immobilization in rats. Bone, 2003,33,1,115-123.</p><p>Marie P.J., Hott М., Modrowski D. et al. An uncoupling agent containing strontium prevents bone loss by depressing bone resorption and maintaining bone formation in estrogen-deficient rats. J. Bone Miner. Res., 1993,8,5,607-615.</p><p>Canalis E., Hott М., Deloffre P. et al. The divalent strontium salt S129I1 enhances bone cell replication and bone formation in vitro. Bone, 1996,18,6,517-23.</p><p>Boivin G., Deloffre P., Perrat B. et al. Strontium distribution and interactions with bone mineral in monkey iliac bone after strontium salt (S 12911) administration. J. Bone Miner. Res., 1996,11,9,1302-1311.</p><p>Baron R., Tsouderos Y. In vitro effects of S12911-2 on osteoclast function and bone marrow macrophage differentiation. Eur. J. Pharmacol., 2002,16,450,1,11-17.</p><p>Alrot M.E., Braillon P., Roux J.P. et al. A new agent containing strontium (S129I I) has a protective effect on bone loss in ovariectomized rats. Bone, 1992,13.A1.</p><p>Ammann P., Robin B., Bonjour J.P. et al. Long-term exposure to strontium ranelate dose-dependently increases bone strength in intact female rats. Bone, 200l,5(suppl),220.</p><p>Shen V., Liu C., Marque V. et al. Histomorphometric evaluation of the tibiofibular junction after a long-term oral administration of S129II in female rats. Bone Miner. Res., 2001,17(suppl I),375.</p><p>Alrot M.E., Roux J.P., Boivin G. et al. Effect of strontium salt (S12911) on both tibial metaphysis and epiphysis in normal growing rats. J. Bone Miner. Res., 1995,10(suppl1),35б.</p><p>Ammann P., Rizzoli R., Dellofre P. et al. Long-term administration of a high dose of the strontium salt S12911 has no toxic effect on bone biomechanics in female rats and may improve bone strength of the midshaft humerus. J. Bone Miner. Res., 1995,10(supp! 1),358.</p><p>Meunier P.J., Slosman D.O., Delmas P.D. et al. Strontium ranelate: dose-dependent effects in established postmenopausal vertebral osteoporosis- a 2-year randomized placebo controlled trial. Clin. Endocrin. Metabol., 2002,87,5,2060-2066.</p><p>Delmas P.D. Clinical effects of strontium ranelate in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Osteoporos. Int., 2004,2, [Epub ahead of print].</p><p>Marie P.J. Strontium ranelate: a novel mode of action optimizing bone formation and resorption. Osteoporos. Int. 2004 2, [Epub ahead of print].</p><p>Reginster J.Y., Lecart M.P., Deroisy R., Lousberg C. Strontium ranelate: a new paradigm in the treatment of osteoporosis. Exp. Opin. Invest. Drugs, 2004,13,7,857-864.</p><p>Meunier P.J., Roux C., Seeman E. et al. The effects of strontium Ranelate on the risk of vertebral fracture in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. N. Engl. J. Med., 2004,350,5,459-468.</p><p>Su Y., Bonnet J., Deloffre P. et al. The strontium salt 12911 ingibits bon resorption in mouse calvaria and isolated rat osteoclast cultures. Bone Miner. Res., 1992,17(suppl 1), 188.</p><p>Bonjour J.P., Ammann P., Rizzoli R. Importance of pre- clinical studies in the development of drugs for treatment of osteoporosis: A review related to the 1998 WHO guidelines. Osteoporos. Int. 1998,9,379-393.</p></div><br />

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Аникин С.Г., Беневоленмкая Л.И. Ренелат стронция в лечении остеопороза. Научно-практическая ревматология. 2005;43(1):61-63.

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Anikin S.G., Benevolenskaya L.I. Strontium renelat for the treatment in osteoporosis. Rheumatology Science and Practice. 2005;43(1):61-63. (In Russ.)

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